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So you got NS5R...
Good for you!
Well we didn't call this site "NS5R Users Organization" for nothing...
Join us buy subscribing our e-mail forwarding. The e-mails will contain information about site updates, new files or add-ons
for the NS5R, users midis, some Q&As and a lot more.
For joining the NS5R Users Contact-List please e-mail us by the E-Mail me button...

For now as an NS5R users you welcome to check our "Get Files" page and get usefull files like MIDIs, Software(s) for programming you NS5R  and Bank Defentions for your sequencer (if we got the file).

NS5R Users Tips:

Also IMPORTANT: CHECK OUT OUR "Information" page which maybe
include something you didn't know about your NS5R.