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Here is the subjects we got information on:
               What's the idea behind the NS5R - See how KORG took the best of each module    for the NS5R.
               Specifications for the ProUser - Get all the Technical information you need.
               NS5R Bank Format - Understand the NS5R bank format and why it's so compatible!
               Daughter Board Feature - Is it possible? We'll try to answer that.
               N5 - Like a NS5R in keyboard (not 100% NS5R features)

What's the idea behind the NS5R
The NS5R is a great product but if you look deep in it's architecture you see this module is a answer for two major modules in
this prices: Roland Sound Canvas 88Pro and  Yamaha MU80. The NS5R try to give the answer for those two by giving you those two in one (the NS5R) - ofcourse KORG can't put the exact samples of the MU's or SC's but they put  two bank formats for each product which use the NS5R samples but with preset the "should" sound like the MU or SC (whatever you use) (I will get further on this in the "NS5R Bank format"). If you don't know the MUs series backlight is GREEN and the SCs series backlight is AMBER. so on the NS5R you got both and when you use GM (or when you open the NS5R) the color is AMBER and when you reset to GS the color is AMBER and when you reset to XG the color is GREEN (This is the default but you can change the color for each reset by editing the preferences). Except of that the NS5R look more like the SC and the interface is a bit (not a lot) like even though it's better! and you got the cool dial (which was add on the MU90r and above).

Specifications for the ProUser
Tone generation method AI-squared synthesis system (full-digital processing)
Tone generator section 64 voices, 64 oscillators (single mode) 
32 voices, 64 oscillator (double mode)
Waveform memory 12Mbytes PCM (More than SC88-Pro & MU80/50/90)
Effect section Two digital multi-effect units (1024 Presets & 128 User)
Effects 47 effects
Programs 1177 programs (1049 Presets & 128 User)
Combinations 512 (128 RAM, 384 ROM)
Samples/Voices (not presets) 527 Samples (ROM, no RAM) in 44.1khz/16bit PCM
Outputs L/MONO, R, PHONES (stereo mini-jack)
MIDI connectors IN, OUT, THRU
Communication Connector (Enable 32Channels working) TO HOST
Display 144 x 40 full dot graphic LCD (with three-color backlight)
Power supply AC Local Voltage
Power consumption 14W
Multi-Timbral / Polyphony  32 Channels / 64 Polyphony (Exactly like MU80,SC88Pro)
Expandable Please read Daughter Board Feature
NS5R Bank Format
The NS5R got a lot of banks (I'm too lazy to count) but here is the banks organize on the NS5R:
(Also the NS5R gives you the option to put EACH patch on each channel so you can put any instrument on channel 10 for example which is normally used for drums on GM and if I recall GS, the MUs also got that but on the SCs I'm not sure)
GM-a , GM-b Banks GM-a: Normal General MIDI GM-b: 05R/W Module Map
rXX, rDRM (Because legal license and all those stuff KORG wrote only R that stands for Roland) rXX: Roland's GS Banks rDRM: Roland's GS Drums
yXX , ySFX, yDR1/2 (Because legal license and all those stuff KORG wrote only Y that stands for Yamaha) yXX: Yamah's XG Banks ySFX: Yamaha's effect Bank yDR1: Yamaha's Effect Patches (SFX1,2) yDR2: Yamaha's Drums
PrgX, PrgU (Programs) PrgX(x=a,b,c): KORG's awesome old classics (and more) like M1 Piano, Universe, N264 Piano and etc... 
PrgU: 128 Users for you to create (Works best with KORGs computers software (press the GET SOFTWARE for it...)
CmbX, CmbU (Combinations) CmbX(x=a,b,c): KORG's combinations CmbU: 128 Users
kDRM (Drums) kDRM: Korg's Drums +2 Users (for drums)
* XX or X = The number of the bank or the letter (E.g.. PrgA , r01, y71, etc...)

 Press here to see the Patch for instruments (i.e. Pianos, Guitars, etc...)

Daughter Board Feature
After this site was opened a week I got this e-mail:


I installed the Yamaha DB50XG board. One thing to keep in mind is that
Korg used a lot of different screws (why not just 4),  so you have to
remember their lay-out.

The wavetable board was easy to install. A cable was a bit in the way,
but everything fitted o.k. So after putting the screws back in their
right holes (which took me more time than installing the DB50) I turned
on the NS5R and it worked! After playing with it I turned it off again.
Some time later I turned on the NS5R and ...... nothing. No display, no
sound, just dead.

The repairman mumbled something about replacing a processor. The NS5R
works fine now, although without the DB50XG.
And I am a bit scared now to experiment again by installing the DB50XG.

So I don't know if this was just bad luck or.......

And you are right: it is a bit strange that there is nothing about the
NS5R on the Korg site.

Keep up the good work,


That's the latter. After checking and gathering information about the Wavetable Add-On I can say it's a bit danger to put on
Daughterboard and I won't do it, yet even if you put a daugther and the NS5R die it's not so expansive to replace to burned
parts. To my opinion you shouldn't put a Daughter board but if you really want to get a kick-ass module with Daugtherboard
please - Goto KORG local distributor, for example in my country when I bought the NS5R I asked if they'll agree on installing
me the daughter board for free and they said yes.
If you didn't find my answer satisfing then here is another stories in the subject (taken from the NS5R bagsite):

Help us if you installed a board with success... (E-Mail is)

From the User Guide and KORGs publishes:

The NS5R is a great machine but even KORG it's expandable it's not 100% true.
Here is what KORG's commercial say:
"Further expansion with Wave Blaster-compatibale "daughter-boards". The NS5R is equipped with a Wave Blaster-compatible card slot. WB-compatible boards offer the user the opportunity to increase the NS5R's polyphony (up to 96 voices). Add more sound program. Even make the NS5R completely XG or GS compatible. (For daughter-board installation, please contact dealer or distributor in your country.)

What I understood is: You can buy for example Yamaha's Wavetable Daughter board and plug-it on the NS5R.

But the NS5R Manual say those words:

"Do not attempt to install a Wave Blaster-compatible board made by another manufacturer. The power supply of the NS5R can supply +5V;300 mA, +/-12V:20ma A board which exceeds this must never be installed, since overheating and blown fuses
can result."

From this I understood: You can't install ANY board except KORGs boards and if your Daughter Board will be more than the number written (Volts,mA) you'll cause damage to the unit.

The N5 - Another great product from KORG
Late time I visit my up2date visit in KORG local dealer near me I find a new blue keyboard which looked like an Analog
Nordlead with the CS1x style combined togther, I looked for the company but I didn't find it, it was hidden under a sampler
that was on the blue keyboard. when I saw the LCD screen I felt "De ja Voo" but yet I didn't connect between the NS5R
and this keyboard. after asking the seller who knew me I understand that this great machine was a KORG N5 which is like
a keyboard version for the NS5R. yet I don't have enough information and I'll try to look for it but for now here
is what I know:

16 Channel (unlike the NS5R which is 32). 64Polyphony
5Octave keyboard (You can see that).
As I saw I guess it's much more better in creating "like-a-ANALOG" sounds. That's it - for now.