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We orginized this page so each author could have his own

spot (like a small homepage) with his words about his music. so here it is...

Tal Aviram, Israel:


NS5R Users Organization Theme Song - I took an old song of mine and retouched it for the NS5R
BayOrWatch - Once I played a phraze that sounded like baywatch and from then I call the song BayOrWatch.
Chanuka Dance - Even though I ignore my religon, yet I celebrate it's holidays so I made a cool dance for the
Chanuka holiday.
Zoo 1 - I made a Theme song for a TV programme called: "Zoo" the melody isn't mine.
Zoo 2 - It's another version in different style.

MP3: There is no MP3s currently.

Please e-mail us YOUR creations with description.

We will be happy to add your creations so please e-mail it to us. Also the list of creator is alphabetic by Last Name, First Name.

Thank you.