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So you wanna buy the NS5R..
Before Starting, here is a list for users who want the NS5R for sequences:

Classic: It's not designed for classic purpose but classic sounds ok (as much synth can do classic).
Rock'n'Roll: Sequnce (Don't expact Rock from any module!) Performance with band: Great pads and rock ability!
Trance/House: Don't try to get ANALOG performances. Real poor.
Dance/Pop: Real great module for digital playbacks (with strings and related) it's great as module for dance but not as
standalone module.
Oriental: It's fine but Roland make best oriental synths.
Jazz & Related: Real fine for performances and nice for sequnces but yet it's not real instruments.

Before buying any tool you need to think what you need it for, that's why I showed here the NS5R and alternatives for
use to sequences (MIDI files) & live performances as a band keyboard player or something like it.
For technical information please goto the Information Page. Another page I made for those who want to taste the
NS5R in the store by it's greatest sounds I made the "TOP PROGRAMS". and here it is: The Good, The Bad & The Other
The Good:
The NS5R got a lot of advances like to option to edit each sound, combination so even though
you got 64Polyphony & 32Channels you're enable to get more by using it's advanced function
Another great thing is MOST of KORGs patches are in there the pianos are amazingly
real ("real" refer to other modules and not Pianos) and you got the best awarded KORG
samples which is really great.
The buttom line is: This module PAYS OFF compared to others in this price or kind.
The Bad:
Because I'm a NS5R user I can't say a lot of bad stuff but the only faults I find is that this
module can't be use for any "analog" samples and the cutoff and all the techno controllers
are the worst!, another instrument that I find really bad is the Pick-up Bass but the FingerBass
unlike it is real well.
The Other:
Here I made a list of modules & synths of it's kind which cost the same or close to it's kind:
Roland Sound Canvas 88Pro - I really like the Roland Piano but yet other patches are really
really bad and they're one step higher than wavetables.
Roland XP-10 - Excatly like the SC55 with keyboard yet the patches sux it's cheap and got
real nice interface for performance.
Yamaha MU80/90/100* - All the MU series is a well series and the got pretty nice
analog sounds and controllers but most patches sound
(to an NS5R user) a bit worse than the NS5R. Also the
MU90/100 cost more than the NS5R.
Yamaha CS1x  - The CS1x got the MUs samples and it's the best digital module that
able to do a ANALOG a like sound. also it's much better than the
NS5R for performance so you should consider that too.