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Well us (or should I say "I" the creator of this website) created this website because even though the Internet is HUGE computer network, I didn't find a lot on the NS5R except from something like 4,5 "real" sites. Also I had problem to find
information about the machine before I bought it, so here you have MOST answers for New users questions and we are ready
to add more if you'll notify us...

If you entered this site and you've been on a site and you say "Wow, I saw this exact object on another site..." then we maybe
copied it... or created something like it or they copied it from us... If are a webmaster then you should read this: Because we took lot of stuff from sites we didn't write near each thing we took that it's from X site but we entered any site we took files from into the Links page and you should consider it also as credits page.

Tiny credit for the creator:

Who am I?

My name is Tal Aviram and I'm from Israel if you want to contact me
about Israel or something I donno my e-mail for
those purposes is:

Anything you want to add? or something... E-Mail Me button... NOW!