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 Patches for getting the NS5R spirit in the store (Before buying): (Selected by me)
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Bank Patch
Pianos PrgB 2: N264 Piano
Dance Piano PrgB 42: M1 Piano
Guitars (Classic/Acoustic) Check any guitar.                                -
Elc. Guitar (Distorted) PrgB 05: Rock on!!! (Check also Churncer)
Trance (Leads) CmbA 03: Synth Fat
Performance Powerful Tool... CmbB 126: Milagro (A piano with much more)
Bass (Trance) PrgA 97: Rap Bass (Check all the other also)
Saxophone GM-a 65-67: Bari,Alt,Tenor Saxs...
Creative sounds... (Create yourself in the store even they won't get mad cause you don't destroy ANYTHING!!!) PrgU Hold "ENTER" for few moments...